Circuit News: Panik Attack wins VBKO!

Virginia Beach, VA. — Today Panik Attack (VA) defeated Fully Loaded (FL) 6-0 at the Virginia Beach Kickball Open of The Circuit presented by Kickball365. The Virginia Beach event was the third of seven stops in the National Tour this year for The Circuit. With this win Panik Attack takes home a cash prize of $2,000, Fully Loaded placing second took home $1,000, and over $1,000 was raised for the Starr Fund.

This year the Virginia Beach Kickball Open (#VBKO) supported the Starr Fund. The Starr Fund is a charity which was set-up for a nine year-old girl named Autumn who suffers from Niemann-Pick Type C. NPC is a fatal disease with most patients only living into their early adolescence. Sufferers from NPC are unable to metabolize cholesterol and other lipids properly within cells. Autumn was out on the field today to meet the players, shake hands, and toss out the first pitch! We will have photos of Autumn and the rest of the event in the coming days.

To learn more about what else went on this weekend look to our Forum. There is already healthy discussion taking place on our Forum this week regarding feedback from #VBKO. Join the discussion here.

Winners of #VBKO – Panik Attack (VA)

Panik Attack (VA – White) and Fully Loaded (FL – Carolina Blue)

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