Introducing the new Circuit Overtime Tie-Breaker

In 2017 the Circuit is introducing a new tie-breaker for CIRCUIT OVERTIME. We’d like to introduce you to the TIE-BREAKER: SHOOTOUT. The Shootout has replaced Accuracy Kick.

At the end of Circuit Overtime (typically 2 extra innings with 8 players in the field), if both teams are still tied, another overtime will begin in the form of a Tiebreaker Shootout until a winner is determined under the following guidelines (found in Section 5.2 of the Official Rulebook of The Circuit):

      1. Tiebreaker Procedures
        1. Each Team Lineup will continue where it left off at the end of their last completed inning at-kick.
        2. Only players in the current game are eligible to participate in the Shootout. This includes Players on the Team Bench, which were submitted to the opposing Team Captain prior to the start of the game.
        3. Players who were substituted out of the game and COT, prior to the Shootout, are not eligible to participate.
      2. Shootout Specific Rules
        1. Each team will continue to use only eight (8) players in the field for defense. For the Co-Ed Division this includes four (4) of each sex.
        1. Player Eligibility
        2. The Kicking Team will kick five (5) kickers in a row, each Kicker will kick with the bases empty, before switching sides.
      3. Shootout Game Play Guidelines
        1. Examples: Strike/Foul/Out = 0 points, 1B = 1 point, 2B = 2 points, 3B = 3 points, Home Run = 4 points.
        1. Each Kicker will get one (1) pitch to attempt to safely reach any base the Kicker can until they get Out or until the play is ruled dead.
        2. Each successful base reached equals ONE (1) point.
        3. Getting out at any point, even while running extra bases, results in zero points.
        4. No Walks exist in the Shootout. A Ball = one (1) point and the same Kicker repeats until a successful attempt.
        5. Once a Kicker successfully reaches a base OR Out, the Kicker is to leave the field for the next Kicker.
        6. If the score is still tied after each 5v5 round, the Tiebreaker will continue sudden death style one (1) kicker at a time until a winner is determined.
        7. The winning team will get one (1) point added to the final score of the tied game scoring and future rankings purposes.

We’re looking forward to seeing when the Shootout will make its debut on The Circuit in 2017!