Kickball365 Videos: How They Started, Where They’re Going, and Why It’s Changing

I never planned on having a media side gig when I started documenting every Circuit event for kicks in 2013 after purchasing a $500 DSLR starter kit and a GoPro. I figured at the very least, some big plays, controversial calls, and close matchups would be captured, but beyond that, I couldn’t really fathom what the future held. Fast forward to today, however, and this accidental hobby has turned into a crazy passion and nearly 1000 kickball videos.

Players and fans have become privy to tournament photos and videos, whether they’re dying to verify being safe or out, scout the newest teams, or just indulge in peak performance.

I know that there is a thirst for more videos, more mouth-gaping photos, and quicker consumption of all of the above. That’s why Kickball365 will offer a YouTube subscription starting May 1st.

It costs you a couple of dollars, but for me, it keeps existing equipment in working order and also allows me to outsource video editing so that I can purchase more cameras, record more games, and double or triple the amount of tournament footage that gets produced and published.

What does this mean for you? It means more. More content that you want, more bragging rights, proof, profile pictures, whatever you want. Some of the long term goals include:

  • Purchasing six (6) more GoPro setups to have up to eight (8) fields recording at the same time
  • Pay kickballers to edit videos in their down time
  • Expand livestreaming capabilities with more professional equipment
  • Replace a DSLR lens that was broken by a line drive
  • Hire a professional film crew to make a multi-part documentary at Circuit Championship Weekend

Here’s how it works:

$5/month gets you more than a little bang for your buck. This subscription includes all edited elimination games within 3 weeks of the conclusion of an event. Pool play games will follow shortly thereafter… Every penny collected from this subscription model will go back into videos and/or photos in one way or another.

Not ready to reach for that extra change in your pocket? Those who opt out of the subscription will have access to videos 6 months after their initial release.

THANK YOU to everyone who supports The Circuit, the tens of thousands of kickball photos, and hundreds of kickball videos that get produced each year. Taking photos and editing videos is an extremely expensive and time consuming hobby. Every piece of equipment was purchased with my own personal savings and every video is edited in my spare free time. This model is not to short change you, but rather, to provide longevity for the production of video and photo content. A few dollars might be a drop in the bucket to you, but added up across an entire community it can make a huge difference. I want to take kickball photos and videos to a whole new level. Thank you!



Frequently Asked Questions

What happens on May 1st?

Our YouTube channel officially switches over as of this date, which means:

  • Current subscribers will no longer receive a notification each time a new video is uploaded.
  • If you subscribe, this notification turns back on for your account
  • All 2017 videos will require a subscription to watch.
  • Starting in late August, the first 2017 videos will be available for non-subscribers to watch free of charge. The next few videos will switch over a month later and this pattern will continue.

Which edited games will be included in the subscription?

Everything from 2016 and prior will be included free of charge. For all 2017 and future events, all edited games will require a subscription in order to watch during the first six months of each videos release.

Will you edit every game from every event?

Eventually, yes, which is what the subscription allows us to build toward. Initially we have 4 cameras that can move from field to field each round. Whichever games are captured on those will be edited so long as they are not blowout games. Each camera averages 7 games per day. By the end of 2017 we hope to double this to 8 cameras.

Are teams guaranteed to have film taken of them at every tournament?

Yes, we hope to accomplish this depending on the tournament size. So long as the final score of any recorded game is somewhat close, it will get edited and uploaded.

Why does the subscription cost $5?

We feel $5 is a nominal amount for those who enjoy kickball videos. The money will be going entirely back into more videos so each subscriber will be able to watch more than videos than ever before! Everything will also be ad free on YouTube!

Where can I get more information on getting paid to edit videos?

The logistics for this are not fully in place just yet, but if you have experience in making simple edits to video, please send an email to [email protected].

Do I get billed automatically?

Yes. Everything is through Google and they will automatically renew your subscription until you tell them to stop.

Why am I paying for something that used to be free?

You’re not! We have never had this many videos readily available this quickly, and with the small monthly fee, our equipment and editing costs are covered enough to provide and produce more videos than ever before, weeks after the conclusion of an event.

What if I just want to send a video to a friend or family member?

You can send any video that is more than 6 months of old to anyone free of charge. Only subscribers will be able to watch the most recent videos.