Top 10 Changes to The Circuit in 2017

If you are a returning player to The Circuit you should be aware of the following changes that took place over the off-season:

  1. The Pitch count is now four (4) balls and four (4) strikes/fouls. Yep. Strikes/Fouls are now the same (Section 10.6). No more kickers watching the first pitch to burn a strike!
  2. The Circuit Overtime Tie-Breaker is no longer using Accuracy Kick. SHOCKER! As much as we wanted to hold on to Accuracy Kick it was not something our Captains & Players wanted to keep around. So, we have introduced the a Tie-breaker called: Shootout. You can read all about it in Section 5.2 of the updated rulebook.
  3. No more chaos when it comes to picking up the ball as the kicker. There was some confusion regarding this rule so we made a minor tweak for 2017. “Any Kicker intentionally picking up a pitch with the hands, then handing the ball to the Game Head Referee, is out. No Baserunners may advance on an out made in this manner. Conversely, if the Kicker inadvertently picks up a pitch with the hands (for example, to return the pitch to the Pitcher), that pick up is not an out, but a foul.” Read all about it in Section 10.4.10.
  4. The Circuit added a “Spirit of the Rules” (Section 1.1) to the Rulebook. We love it. It reads, “Players and Referees are encouraged to obey the letter of the rulebook but acknowledge the spirit, whereas a Player may be obeying the literal interpretation of the words of the rule, but not necessarily the intent of the rule. In the event the letter of the rules can be interpreted in a manner that conflicts with the spirit of the entire rulebook, referees reserve the right to protect the integrity and intent of the sport.”
  5. The Circuit also added a “Spirit of the Game” (Section 1.2) to the Rulebook. We have a strong desire for fair play at our Circuit Events. Check it out!
  6. There is no longer a Wild Card application process to gain entry into The Circuit Cup Championship Weekend. All teams are required to attend at least one of the numerous Circuit Events on the National Tour! To qualify for #CCC2017, which will be held in Austin, TX this year, you simply need to compete at a Circuit Event. There is no minimum games won, elimination round made, silly requirement. If you want to compete with the best in the country you can! Read more about the Circuit Cup Championship Weekend in the Structure of The Circuit document.
  7. We launched Team Regionalization. This will impact Player Transfers, Teams with players from outside their region (check out Grandfathering rule), etc. Learn everything you need to know by reading the Transfer & Merger document.
  8. We heard you loud and clear regarding the Intentional Walk rule. For the Women’s Division, previously a Pitcher who requested to intentionally walk a Kicker simply stated “Intentional Walk” to the Game Head Referee without throwing any pitches. We’ve matched the rule to be the same in the Co-ed & Women’s Division.
  9. Prize Pools for Circuit Events are now based on how many teams attend – so A.B.R! (Always Be Recruiting!)
  10.   We announced a Circuit Player Eligibility Tool! It will become the place to research team rosters, find new recruits (of those who have played!), and look to see which players are considered part of your Region! We hope to launch this tool in February – still working through a few kinks.

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