Advisory Board

One of the new initiatives that Kickball365 created this year was an advisory board. The members of the advisory board are committed to developing comprehensive initiatives that represent different community experiences. We feel these perspectives will help fuel inclusive current practices and enhance future change.

We do want to clarify a few items.

The advisory board meets without the staff of Kickball365 and we are not on any payroll for Kickball365. We are here for the kickball community.

We are here to help create parity for individuals and teams. Examples for why you may reach out to us, could be, but are not limited to concern with toxic coaches/captains or a player/coach/ref who has a history of making discriminatory comments.

Do not reach out to us on our personal pages to talk about your grievances with Kickball365, please send all concerns to [email protected]

Advisory Board Members:

Danielle Price
Michaela Blanchard
Danielle Smith
Rebecca Egender
Charles Hatton
Zachary Martini
Tori Collins