Update to Kickball365’s Upcoming Changes for The Circuit in 2017

Kickball365 is proud to announce the upcoming changes for 2017. These changes will be implemented for the 2017 National Tour of Circuit Events beginning with the first Circuit Event in New Orleans on February 11th & 12th. Please be sure to read the full post below and stay tuned to download the updated Rule Book and Structure of The Circuit when it is released in 2017.

Kickball365 is about love of the game; The Circuit is about seeking out tougher competition. We love kickball and everything it has to offer. Kickball365 offers the country’s most competitive teams and players a setting where they can showcase their hard work and talent and be rewarded for the time and effort that they have invested in the sport they love so much.

“Official Rulebook of Kickball365” upcoming changes for 2017:

The following rule changes have been discussed, approved, and amended by the Rules Committee for 2017:

  1. Intentional Walk Restriction – Added for Women’s Division in 2017. Now for both Divisions. This rule occurs on any walk without a strike or foul in the pitch count. This will result in the kicker being awarded two (2) bases. [See Rule 11.8]
  2. Circuit Overtime Tie-Breaker – Modified. Previously “Accuracy Kick” was used to break a Circuit Overtime (COT) tie. The Circuit will use a new tie-breaker called “Shootout” of 5v5 kickers.The offense will kick five (5) kickers in a row before switching sides. Team with most points after five kickers win the game. Each team continues with the same offensive lineup in the spot where they left off. Defense will still play with eight (8) players in the field. Each kicker gets one (1) pitch to attempt to safely reach any base they can until the play is dead. Each successful base reached equals ONE point (i.e. Strike/Foul/Out = 0 pts, 1B = 1 pt, 2B = 2 pts, 3B = 3 pts, HR = 4pts). There are no walks so one (1) point will be awarded for every ball thrown and the same kicker attempts again. If a kicker reaches a base, the kicker will leave the field and the next kicker kicks with bases cleared. If the score is still tied after 5v5, then repeat sudden death one round at a time until a winner is determined. Winner of shootout receives one (1) point added to the final score of the tied game for purposes of scoring and future Official Rankings. All substitutions must take place prior to the last inning of COT. No substitutions are permitted for the purposes of the Shootout.
  3. “Spirit of the Rules” – Added. Introducing a new rule for rules that are not explicitly covered in the rulebook (aka “spirit of the rules”). This will be determined by the Head Ref In Charge (HRIC) on site.
  4. Pitch Count – Modified. The Circuit will use a 4/4 Pitch Count (4 balls or 4 strikes/fouls combined). This means fouls and strikes are combined at 4 and any combination thereof equals an out.
  5. Automatic Out for handling ball – Removed. Previously any Kicker who intentionally picked up a pitch with their hands. Kicker can now declare intention to be called out before the first pitch is thrown. Defense will still have the first right to intentionally walk any kicker resulting in two (2) bases awarded.
  6. Strike Zone. Modified. The wording of the Strike Zone has been modified, but no changes to the actual Strike Zone have been made. The wording will be modified for consistency across the rule book.

The 2017 Circuit Rule Book with specific language will be released in January. All text above and below has been crafted for the purposes of promoting the upcoming changes and does not reflect the final language to be used. All items are subject to modification to correct unforseen errors, loop holes, etc. Text displayed is not final – please keep that into consideration. If you have additional feedback please do not hesitate to email us at info @ kickball365.com

“Structure of The Circuit” changes for 2017:
  1. Rookie Team Challenge – Removed. The Circuit’s “Rookie Team Challenge” will not continue for 2017.
  2. Prize Pools – Modified. Circuit Event Prize Pools are now on a per team basis. The bigger the event, the bigger the prize pool.
  3. Registration Deadlines for Circuit Events – Modified. We will be extending the late/emergency deadline to the Wednesday night before the Circuit Event. No additions or changes to a Team’s Roster will be permitted after this final deadline.
  4. Refunds – Modified. Refunds to a credit card or PayPal are no longer offered. All refunds will now be issued in Site Credits which are tied only to the player profile after being removed from a Circuit Event. These site credits are equal to the base price paid and do not expire. The deadline to request a Site Credit is before the Circuit Event’s late/emergency registration deadline.
  5. Non-Playing Coaches at #CCC2017 – Modified. Non-Playing Coaches will be required to register and pay, but for 75% off the advertised price. This cost is needed to cover all of the extras and swag that Non-Playing Coaches receive as part of the #CCC2017 registration.
  6. Registration Deadlines for Circuit Championship Weekend – Modified. The #CCC2017 registration prices and cutoff dates have been modified. In 2017, registration cost for #CCC2017 will be $60 through April 30th, $75 through September 30th, $90 through October 14th. From October 15th through November 1st, players can manually be added for $150 and will not receive any of the swag offered at the Championship Event.
  7. Registration Caps for Circuit Championship Weekend – Modified. Circuit Championship Weekend team registrations will now be capped in increments of five (5) teams to produce even pools for the Event. A team spot is secured once the ten (10) player minimum is reached (at least 4 females for Co-ed).
  8. Circuit Event Team Seeding – Modified. All Team Pools for Circuit Events (except for the Circuit Championship Weekend) will be drawn utilizing the Captain Bin method. This means top seeds in each pool will be seeded based on the Official Rankings of The Circuit. Each team will be seeded into bins based on those same rankings (for example, 6-10 seeds in bin 2, 11-15 seeds in bin 3, and so on). The #1 seed captain gets to pick who they want as a #2 seed in their pool from the list of teams available to choose in bin 2. Then those teams in bin 2 get to pick who they want as a #3 seed from the list of teams available to choose in bin 3. This process will snake until all teams have been drawn.
  9. National Tour Pass Program – Modified. National Tour Passes are now offered as follows: 5 pass for $235, 7 pass for $305, 9 pass for $370. Purchase yours today!
  10. Circuit Team Definition Types – Modified. The types of teams who attend Circuit Events have been consolidated down to three (3) types: Circuit, New, and Availables.
  11. Team Definition of “New” – Modified. “New” teams are now classified as having played in ZERO previous Circuit Events together since the start of the previous calendar year (i.e. January 1, 2016) AND abide by all regionalization rules.
  12. Team Definition of “Circuit” – Modified. Circuit Teams are those who have played in at least ONE event together since the start of the previous calendar year (i.e. January 1, 2016) AND abide by all regionalization rules.
  13. Team Definition of “Availables” –  Modified. Availables teams can now play as many times as they want to. However, an availables team is not eligible for prize money at subsequent events together. Kickball365 has sole discretion to determine an availables team eligibility to earn prize money at subsequent events (ie very similar availables team playing under a different name trying to earn prize money as a first time availables team).
  14. Available Teams – Male Caps: New. There is now a MALE CAP for Co-ed Availables teams. Available Teams are permitted to have no more than ten (10) male players total.
  15. Availables Teams – Prize Pools: Modified. Availables Teams are now eligible for 75% of the advertised Circuit Event Prize Pool. The remaining 25% will go towards online advertising to attract new Circuit Teams at future Circuit Events.

*Update* (2 December 2016) – Based on feedback after the original announcement regarding 2017 changes to The Circuit, Kickball365 has modified the original bullet points #16-19 which detailed Regionalization, Grandfathering, Player Pickups, and Local Transfers. Please see the updated changes below.

The new high level changes include modifying the definition of a region from a 75 mile radius to a cluster of specific states, grandfathering teams as of the end of 2016, removing the option to pick up existing players outside of your region, removing the local transfer back option, modifying transfers to be at the team level instead of the player level, and restricting upward transfers to higher ranked teams. Further details are as follows

16: Circuit Team Roster Regionalization – New. Circuit Teams will now be required to follow the Regionalization Roster rules. These rules apply for all new teams, existing teams that wish to merge, and new player additions to any existing Circuit team. In order to be a Circuit Team, earn the full prize pool, earn points at Circuit Events, and eligible to participate in the Circuit Championship Weekend, a Circuit Team must maintain a roster of players local to their region.

The regions are defined as follows:
– Northeast – ME, VT, NH, MA, CT, RI, NY, PA, NJ
– Mid Atlantic – VA, MD, DC, DE, WV
– South Atlantic – GA, NC, SC
– Florida – FL
– Southern Mid – TN, KY, AL, MS, LA
– Midwest – MO, IA, NE, KS, OK, AR, ND, SD
– Great Lakes – OH, MI, IN, IL, WI, MN
– Mountain – CO, UT, NV, WY, MT
– Texas – TX
– Southwest – NM, AZ
– SoCal – Southern CA (San Luis Obispo and south)
– Pacific Northwest – Northern CA (Monterey and north), WA, OR, ID


17: RegionalizationGrandfathering: New. All players who played for a Circuit Team outside of their home region in 2016 will automatically be grandfathered to the last Circuit Team they played for in 2016. Likewise any player moving (ie job transfer) in the future to a location outside of their current teams region will be grandfathered with that team until they play for a different team in their new home region. This grandfathering does not have a maximum limit per team for 2017, however there may be a cap or limit instituted in subsequent years.

18: RegionalizationNew Player Pickups: New. Teams are allowed to pick-up players from outside their region only if they are brand new and have never played in a Circuit Event before (coed and women’s are counted separately). Out of region pickups are no longer permitted for existing Circuit players.

19: Transfers – Team Level: Modified. Transfers no longer count at the player level but rather they occur at the team level. Each Circuit team is permitted to accept a maximum of four (4) player transfers per year. These transfers must all be within region.

20: Transfers – Upward Movement: New. Higher ranked Circuit Teams may not accept player transfers from any team ranked lower than them. This applies only to the top 50% of existing Circuit Teams according to the Official Rankings, which can increase or decrease throughout the year as teams join or drop out of The Circuit. Likewise a teams ranking can change event to event. However, teams are always permitted to accept transfers from a team ranked higher than them. Any teams seeking an exception to this upward movement restriction will require advance notice to the Rules Committee with at least 2/3 vote in order to obtain approval.

21: Circuit Team Rosters – Carry Over Rule: Modified. Team Rosters now carry over year over year. If you play with a different Circuit Team at your first Circuit Event of the year, this will count as an official transfer. In previous years players could start the year as a free agent, play with a different team, and then transfer to their normal team later in the year. This is no longer permitted.

22: New Kickballer Code – Women’s Events: Updated. The New Kickballer code for free registration may now be used for Women’s events for first time Circuit Players ONLY. If playing for the first time in two events in the same weekend, this code may be used for only one of those events.

The 2017 Structure of The Circuit with specific language and examples will be released in January 2017. All text above has been crafted for the purposes of promoting the upcoming changes and do not reflect the final rule book language to be used.

Questions? Please email us at info@kickball365.com

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