Rules, Regionalization and Restrictions: The ‘Why’ Behind the Major 2018 Changes You’ve Seen

Improving the accountability and transparency of the Rules Committee and processes behind many of the past, current and future decisions is a 2018 focus area for Kickball365. We’ve heard the concerns from both new and veteran players over the past year, and we know that it’s important to reexamine the way that information becomes available. Given the impact the rules, decisions, and processes have on our customers, we will be sharing more in order to deliver the accountability and transparency we’re promising as well as build (and re-build) trust.

What happens with the rules and why do they change?

On an annual basis, our policies and rules are reviewed for improvements. Improvements include ways to address unforeseen issues that arose previously or technological advancements that can allow easier accessibility and understanding of the rules and changes. This year we released two important tools for players to utilize when submitting for Rules Committee requests:

  1.  Circuit Player Eligibility Tool (PET) (link)
  2.  Circuit Player Transfer Request Form (link)

Our policy documents, available here (link), give a good amount of information about each rule and subset of rules, but there are some key off-season efforts worth highlighting in order to improve transparency with our players:

Roles and Responsibilities

First, the Rules Committee Policy, which outlines the roles and responsibilities of the committee members, is now publicly available. This policy includes:

  •       The explanation as to how the RC manages the rulebook and policy matters within the circuit.
  •       Procedures set in place for voting on rules, roster violations and sanctions relating to the Official Rulebook for the Circuit (link)
  •       Ongoing records for rule changes or additions.

Clarify Expectations

Second, the Circuit Player Transfer Request Tool, which will enable submissions to the Rules Committee to arrive detailed and formalized, is now available for all circuit players. For 2018, Kickball365 requires this tool to be used when submitting individual player transfer requests.

Why Regionalization?

In addition to the aforementioned tools, we also announced changes to The Circuit for 2018. As a company, we are focused on working for the betterment of competitive kickball in America. We are confident we are on the right path after observing an increase in player metrics year-to-year (i.e. total teams, total players attending per event, and total teams per event), the competitive balance across The Circuit leveling out and a growing interest in attending the Circuit Cup Championship.

After measuring the positive impact of regionalization as a whole, The Circuit put in place the next phase of regionalization through the implementation of a Five (5) Grandfathered Player Cap for a Circuit Team’s Event Rosters. This change was made to ensure we continue to balance the competitive playing field built from years of open-season recruiting at a national level.

Our goal is to ensure that every new player and team seeking to compete in The Circuit has a fair chance to compete, rather than being picked apart to stack already top talented teams. We do not want teams, captains or players looking at The Circuit for the first time and feel as if they will be at an immediate competitive disadvantage prior to competing in their first Circuit Event.

We obsess over kickball and where we want The Circuit to be in a year, three years, etc. Prior to the implementation of regionalization, we observed a number of teams folding after being negatively impacted by the recruitment of top talent and individuals. While some teams survived, others that were on the verge of success ultimately folded over time due to core position players been recruited to higher ranked top-heavy talented teams. In the end, the outcomes were not in the best interest of The Circuit’s future.

Availables Teams

We love players who are willing to travel to Circuit Events throughout the year to compete with the best and enjoy a travel vacation experience unlike any other. In order to stay in line with our vision of providing a balanced, competitive environment, we applied new rules for forming Availables teams that limit the number of roster spots for top-ranked teams and players. In order to keep established teams motivated to travel and compete while still providing ample opportunity for groups and individuals to earn Circuit Points and Prize Pools, we felt the new Availables Teams restrictions help balance the regionalization rules and continue to create the environment we strive to provide.

Thank You!

2018 provides a unique opportunity for The Circuit. Whether you have been a Circuit Player since the beginning in 2010 or you recently joined us, I want to thank you for being a valued customer and a Circuit kickballer. You are the reason the team at Kickball365 works as many hours as they do. We know you’re passionate about the sport of kickball and I am determined to do everything I can to maintain and strengthen your passion to see our work for the betterment of The Circuit throughout 2018 (and beyond).

We are not going to try to state that we know it all, and we never will, but we are eager to communicate our lessons learned in order to work for the betterment of The Circuit. See you in 2018!

Matt “Admin” Kemph
Founder & CEO

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