Pro Referee Program

Kickball365 uses a Referee Level system at all Circuit events throughout the year. The Referee Level system refers to the level of pay that a Referee is authorized to achieve for each game they referee.  We reserve PRO Level status for the best referees who  consistently prove their ability over time.

Is this for me?

If you are a new referee to The Circuit this program may not be for you. However,  please send an email to [email protected] and we can work with you to get started.  If you have been reffing our Circuit Events for a number of years then you may be missing out on a number of benefits. Read on!



    1.  Pro referees are established by mutual trust to be the extension of Kickball365’s service to the players.  They are the first line of customer service, and about 90% of the main interaction between players and Kickball365.  They are our eyes, ears, and voices out there.
    2. Pro Referees will know the rules and listen to and adhere to guidance on specific game situations.
    3. Pro Referees will maintain a dignified and de-escalatory attitude, and work to be respectful and open with captains and affected players.
    4. Pro Referees will aim to be consistent in their application of disciplinary methods, and will update staff to any developing problematic players, coaches or spectators, so that staff may support them and let them resume their primary activities.
    5. Pro Referees will be empowered to make on-field decisions, and to tell players “we don’t need a Tournament Director” or “we don’t need a conference; I agree with the call” in the absence of confusion, irregularity, or referee dissent.
    6. Pro Referees are game-managers and will be expected to keep games on time and free of delays.  They are expected to call for help when needed, and to maintain pace of play in the absence of significant disruption.
    7. Pro Referees will receive and be expected to receive and process constructive feedback, and will be given the chance to respond and discuss takeaways in a private environment.


    1. Approval to obtain initial Pro Referee status is at the discretion of Kickball365.  To be designated a Pro Referee, an applicant must demonstrate applicable skills as a normal referee, receive the recommendation of a mentor at a Kickball 365 Event, pass the Online Assessment Exam, and participate in one event as a Probational Pro Referee.  At the end of the probational event, Kickball365 will review feedback and vote to award Pro Referee status.
    2. An initial registration to the National Referee Program with payment for Pro Level Referee Jerseys IS required.  Subsequently, approved Pro Referees will receive new Pro Referee Jerseys each year they maintain active status, on an as-needed basis for the events they register for.
    3. Pro referees must maintain awareness of rules changes and must complete & pass the Online Assessment Exam to receive Pro Referee benefits each year. 
    4. A Pro Referee must wear that day’s appropriate Pro Referee Jersey at an event to receive Pro Referee pay and accrue bonus pay.  Each event day’s jersey type/color will be specified in both a notice a week before and a notice the day before the event day. If any issues arise, please let Kickball365 know prior to the event.
    5. Pro Referees must maintain the game as their primary focus, and must avoid continuous distraction by device, spectator/players, or substance.  A failure to demonstrate Pro Referee standards may result in the temporary or permanent loss of Pro Referee status.


    1. Base Package:
      1. Pay Per Event: $20 per game at the Circuit Event and a $5 bonus per game that will be paid only after working Circuit Championship Weekend.
      2. Bonus Pay is ONLY earned if the referee works the Circuit Cup Championship Weekend. No exceptions.
      3. Minimum 5+ games per day of the event.  At least 1 round of elimination each day will be provided.  To earn Pro Referee benefits (including pay, travel, and bonus), a referee should preside over at least these five guaranteed games.  In the event of an injury, illness, or other emergency, Kickball365 will honor Pro Referee Pay and any bonuses.
      4. Bonus Pay will be paid out separately from a Circuit Event payment. Bonus Payments will be paid out at the Circuit Cup Championship.


  • Optional: Shared Hotel Accommodations.  Kickball365 will register no more than (3) persons per room, unless other arrangements are requested.
    1. Hotel Accommodations are only applicable for Pro Referees working both Coed and Women’s Events.
    2. Hotel Accommodations are applicable from Friday- Monday. We ask that all efforts are made to schedule your trip with the least amount of room nights possible. At times it may be necessary to have referee’s switch rooms during a stay to maximize reservations.
    3. At no time will a significant other, guest or other Non-Pro Referee be allowed to stay in a Pro Referee room without prior written approval. Violation of this will disqualify the Pro Referee from the Hotel program for the rest of the Circuit Season.


  • If Arriving from out of town, Travel Hardship will also be offered if applicable. This means:
    • If a Pro Referee travels more than 500 miles, but less than 1000 miles, $150 will be paid to him/her.
    • If Pro Referee travels between 1000 and 1500 miles, $175 will be paid to him/her.
    • If Pro Referee travels more than 1500 miles, $200 will be paid to him/her.

    • Travel Hardships are paid cumulatively based on the Pro Referee working both Coed and Women’s events. If a Pro Referee is a player in an event, no Travel Hardship will be paid. If a Pro Referee only works one event due to the lack of need, 1⁄2 of the Hardship may be paid but will require prior approval.

    Evaluations and Training:

      1. Pro Referees will be evaluated by captains, non-playing-staff, and chosen veteran spectators during live action, and later by review of film.  Feedback will be compiled and discussed, privately and respectfully, with opportunity for response. Kickball365 will provide the support necessary for each Pro Referee to learn and evolve in a non-abusive environment.
      2. Kickball365 expects that each referee will provide feedback on questions, disagreements, and outstanding issues that arise between Pro Referees.  Kickball 365’s rulebook and policies are a constant work-in-progress, and feedback from Pro Referees on any sources of discrepancy or confusion is crucial.
      3. Pro Referees will occasionally be expected to mentor and evaluate prospective and probational Pro Referees, and to recommend new prospective Pro Referees.
      4. Pro Referees will also be expected to provide feedback through the scoreboard text line on local and non-pro referees that present any complications or pending issues.


      1. Pro Referees are independent contractors on behalf of Kickball 365.
      2. While Pro Referees are expected to offer the best service possible to each player, they do not work for them, and should not be directed by them.
      3. While Kickball365 will encourage player feedback, players will never be allowed to directly influence Referee Game Assignments, before, during, or after games.


      1. If Pro Referees have other referees they are most comfortable working with, Kickball365 will do our best to honor those requests, pending game assignment, mentorship, or other circumstances.


      1. Captains, players, and Referees will be encouraged to send feedback to Kickball365 on game situations, edge cases, and talking points.
      2. Kickball365 will occasionally post edge case calls on the Pro Referee facebook group for either debate or clarification purposes.  These are included to help us reach continuity and consistency on complex issues, and are not to be shared outside said group.