Upcoming Changes for The Circuit in 2019

Kickball365 is proud to announce the upcoming changes to The Circuit. Please read the full post below and stay tuned to download the updated Rule Book & Circuit Policies.


The following changes have been discussed, approved, and/or amended by the Kickball365 and the Rules Committee. The Official Rule Book of The Circuit with specific updated language will be released in the coming weeks after the Circuit Cup Championship. All text has been crafted for the purposes of promoting the upcoming changes and does not reflect the final language to be used. All items are subject to modification to correct unforeseen errors, loopholes, etc. Furthermore, minor edits will be made throughout the rule book for efficiency purposes:

  • Official Scoresheet for the Circuit
  • DEFINITIONS [Section 2]
    • New definition, “BACKSTOP”. A backstop is a player or Non-Playing Coach behind home plate to keep the ball on the playing field. The backstop must remain behind the kicker, catcher, and Game Head Referee during all live balls. The backstop’s purpose is to speed up gameplay by returning the pitched kickball to the Pitcher. Spectators are not permitted to act as a backstop. The Game Head Referee has full discretion to remove non-authorized or additional individuals from behind home plate if deemed necessary.”
    • New definition, “BASE COACH(ES)”. The team kicking shall field no more than two base coaches at a time, one near first base and one near third base. Base Coach(es) are required to be either Players on the Team Roster or Non-Playing Coach(es).
    • New definition, “BASE PATH”. Is established when a play is made on a baserunner. The base path is established when a fielder with the ball attempts to tag a runner. Then, and only then, is there a base path. The base path is a straight line from the runner’s position to the base to which the runner is advancing or retreating.
    • New definition, “TIMEOUT”. Is an intentional halt in the play. Calling a Timeout allows the Team Captain of either team to communicate with their team (e.g., determine strategy or inspire morale, stop the game play but not the game clock). The player must request a timeout that is not forced by activity (e.g., such as a dead ball play, leaving the kicking box prematurely, etc.) and it must be granted by the Game Head Referee.
    • New definition, “RUNNING LANE”. Is the foul territory side of the first base line when a kicker runs towards first base. Kickers must be fully in foul territory at least 20 feet before first base otherwise the result is an automatic out if there is an attempted play at that base. If permitted, this line will be marked on the fields. The Running Lane is established as a safety measure to avoid collisions with defenders and not impede a ball thrown by the defense in that direction.

    • New definition, “FOUL TERRITORY”. Is that part of the playing field outside the first and third base lines extended to the outfield and behind the front of home plate. Note, foul lines and foul poles are not part of foul territory.
  • SPORTSMANSHIP [Section 4.1]
    • Updated to include additional examples (e.g. offensive language or comments, stalling tactics, and/or collusion).
    • For 2019, clarified that Fielder Encroachment = 1 point and the kicker is permitted to kick again.
    • New rule, if a team is found to have replaced its Pitcher and/or Catcher position multiple times in a single inning the offending Team Captain will receive a Yellow Card and will be required to revert back to the previously replaced Pitcher and/or Catcher.
    • Updated rule, “If a Team Captain fails to confirm that a Substitution was made with the other Team Captain, then the opposing Team Captain may protest an improper Substitution.” Previously the Game Head Referee was required to protest.
    • Updated rule, “The offending Team Captain will receive a Yellow Card for any substitution infringement.”
    • Updated definition for Warnings to add that “The following actions are examples only and are not a complete list.”
    • Added definitions for Yellow Card (Mid-Level Enforcement).
  • OBSTRUCTION [Section 11.6]
    • Updated rule, “Fielders, who are not in possession of the ball, must avoid contact with any runner after an offensively KICKED ball is fielded. Fielders may not contact runners on defensively played balls. If there is contact, the runner shall be called safe, the play continues.”
  • BASERUNNING [Section 12.2]
    • Updated rule, “Running lane: Runners will be called out for interference when outside of the running lane, if they are contacted by the ball or are the cause of an errant throw.”
    • New section added “BASERUNNING INTERFERENCE”.
      • Updated rule, “Runners must avoid contact w/ any fielder attempting to field an offensively KICKED ball. If there is contact, the runner shall be called out, and all other base runners return to the base last safely reached before the interference.”
      • Updated rule, “Runners who intentionally make contact w/ a fielder, intentionally distracts a fielder verbally, or any other intentional unsportsmanlike act towards a fielder at any time, is interference. The runner shall be called out, and all other base runners shall return to the base last safely reached before the interference.”
    • New section added “BASERUNNING APPEALS”
      • Updated rule, “When a baserunner fails to tag up on a caught fly ball, or a runner fails to touch a base while advancing or retreating. To get an Out for these infractions, the defense must make a proper appeal at the time of the offense – after a dead ball is called but before a following pitch or play.”
      • Updated rule, “Any Referee, who acknowledges they observed a baserunner miss a base (and it is not resolved by the runner during the play), may call a baserunning error immediately after time is called by the Game Head Referee or the play is called a dead ball. However, formal appeals may be called on baserunning calls if a Fielder did not attempt to tag the base that was missed or left early while the ball was in play. If a Baserunner is deemed out for a baserunning error, the play is adjusted accordingly as if the Baserunner was out at the time of the appeal. The exception is that if that Baserunner is the third out, no Baserunners trailing that Baserunner may score that inning.
  • OVERTHROWS [Section 12.3]
    • Updated definition, an “Overthrow is any attempt towards a Baserunner or base that does not contact the Baserunner and travels into foul territory.”
    • Updated definition, “If the defense attempts to make a play on a Baserunner while advancing after an Overthrow, all Baserunners may attempt to advance as many bases as they choose (unless, of course, another Overthrow occurs in the process). A continuation of the play will only be considered if a fielder is making an attempt on a Baserunner, OR a base that a runner is traveling to. Simply retrieving an overthrown ball, and returning it to the Pitcher is NOT continuing the Play.”


The following policy changes have been discussed, approved, and amended by the Kickball365 for 2019. The updated Structure of The Circuit and relevant Circuit Policies will be released in the coming weeks after the Circuit Cup Championship. All text has been crafted for the purposes of promoting the upcoming changes and do not reflect the final language to be used. On an annual basis, these rules and policy guidelines are reviewed for potential improvements.

Structure of The Circuit

    • Under the “NEW PLAYER EXCEPTION RULE”, Kickball365 has clarified that the “New” Player Rule will continue to be enforced as written.
      • A “new” player is someone who has attended two or fewer Circuit Events with Availables Teams only and has never joined a Circuit Team during those first two events. If a Player attends three or more events on Availables Teams OR joins a Circuit Team in those first two events, they will be considered by Kickball365 as a “Circuit Player” for all purposes of Transfers and Regionalization.
    • For 2019, the term “Free Agency” is clarified to only apply to players seeking to play on an Availables Team.
      • Specifically, players seeking to be “free” from counting as “Top 15” for Availables Teams.
      • Players cannot declare Free Agency from their Circuit Team for the purposes of transferring to another Circuit Team.
      • Players who are granted Free Agency status, for the purpose of Availables Teams, will still carry their last Circuit Team Ranking when it comes to calculating Availables Team rankings at Circuit Events.
      • Players granted Free Agency come with two stipulations for their next Circuit Team:
        • 1) Cannot rejoin their former Circuit Team at any point in the future;
        • 2) Their next Circuit Team must be outside of the top 15 if in-region; OR
        • 3) Must be outside of the top 50% if out-of-region (approval still required for the latter).
      • As a result of this clarification, Kickball365 plans to notify all previously approved Free Agents of this modification to have consistency across the board moving into 2019.
    • For 2019, the “New Kickballer” code is now a 50% discount code with no limitations per team. There will no longer be a limit to how many times a competing Circuit Team can use this code per Circuit Event.
    • For 2019, if a Team Captain or Player is found to have intentionally “ghosted” a player using a discount code or paying for a player using another form of payment they will receive an automatic Red Card and sit their next two games as a suspension.
    • For 2019, if a Circuit Team decides to naturally dissolve or disband for one year (or more), all players tied to that disbanded Circuit Team will keep the Official Team Ranking number in perpetuity that their Circuit Team received after the last attended Event by the Team. This is regardless if the player did not attend that particular Circuit Event.
    • This approach will be used for ranking Availables Teams as well as the starting point when a player seeks the need to request a player transfer, whenever that may be.
    • Players and Circuit Teams cannot appeal to the Rules Committee for total freedom as if that history never existed.
    • For 2019, 1st Prize Pools have increased to $150/registered team (Up from $110). Circuit Event Prize Pools will remain on a per team basis.
    • For 2019, in the event of a tournament with 16 teams or less the company will not pay out a prize pool to the Third and Fourth place teams.
  • Circuit Championship Weekend Pool SelectionCircuit Cup Championship will uses a modified Captain Bin Draw method where the top seeded teams in each pool select all opponents in their pool. For 2019, all remaining teams will be seeded in one giant bin and may be drawn at any time. Remaining teams will no longer be assigned various bins.

Availables Team Policy

    • For 2019, if you are considered a “new” player on an Availables Team, you will NOT count against the TEAM ROSTER cap of 15 players. For example, an Availables Team is permitted to go OVER the team roster cap of 15 players AS LONG AS the additional players are “New Players”. This does not apply to Non-Playing Coaches.
    • For 2019, Availables Teams roster sameness officially equates to 50% of any previous roster used at a Circuit Event.
    • For 2019, Availables Teams with 50% or more sameness are ineligible to win Prize Pool Money. This is defined as any Availables Team with 50% OR MORE of the same players from any previous Availables Team. This includes teams playing under different name from event to event. Availables Teams Rosters will tracked every year and not reset.
    • For 2019, the Prize Pool Cap for Availables Teams are now eligible for 70% (from 75%) of the advertised Circuit Event Prize Pool.

Conduct Policy

  • No changes.

Rules Committee Policy

  • For 2019, Player Transfer requests will no longer go directly to the Rules Committee for immediate review and decision. All cases will be first reviewed by Kickball365 to verify the request meets the official requirements (outlined below) and that the request contains all of the information necessary.
  • For 2019, Kickball365 and/or Rules Committee has the right to rescind any previously approved Player Transfer request for any reason at any time if it is believed the approval was based on falsified information.
  • For 2019, a Player’s “Availables Team” history will not count as history to justify a Player Transfer request purpose.
  • For 2019, Circuit Teams cutting players to make room for players from other Circuit Teams will not be considered a natural team need.


  • No changes.

Transfer Policy

    • For 2019, Circuit Teams will be required to compete with no more than four (4) Out-of-Region (OOR) players on their Circuit Team roster per Circuit Event. This includes Grandfathered players or other approved OOR players. There will continue to be NO limitation of OOR players on a team’s total roster – the only limitation will be attending/playing per event. Previously this cap was five (5) players.
    • For 2019, all Player Transfer requests are required to be submitted by the Team Captain only. Previously this was open to any player having the ability to submit.
    • For 2019, Kickball365 will publish a Player Transfer Request Tracker to show limited details of a request, the Circuit Team that made the request, the Player transfer request category/exception it falls under, and status (approved/denied/in review). Previously this was not published.
    • Formal requests will be reviewed by Kickball365 and sent to the Rules Committee in the order all necessary statements are received. The Rules Committee will be asked to conduct discussions that fall under only ONE the following exception categories:
      • 1) Out-of-Region (OOR) transfers to a lower ranked Circuit Team;
      • 2) Upward transfers to an in-region Circuit Team within the top 50%;
      • 3) Extra Circuit Team Transfers;
      • 4) Legacy Circuit Cup Championships requests ONLY for players with history with the Circuit Team.
    • For 2019, any submitted Player Transfer request that involves more than one exception will be Automatically Denied by Kickball365. This will be done without appeal and will not be sent to Rules Committee for discussion. This includes any combination of two or more exceptions which include but are not limited to:
      • 1) Upward and OOR;
      • 2) Upward and 5th team transfer;
      • 3) OOR and 5th team transfer;
      • 4) Upward for CCC;
      • 5) OOR for CCC.
    • Further guidance will be published in the Circuit Player Transfer Request Google Form, the Transfer Policy, the Rules Committee Policy, and the Structure of The Circuit so players are fully aware of the changes coming.

Weather Policy

  • No changes.

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