Kickball365 is proud to announce the upcoming changes to The Circuit for 2020. Please read the full post below and stay tuned to download the updated Rule Book & Circuit Policies.


The following policy changes have been discussed, approved, and amended by the Kickball365 for 2020. The updated Structure of The Circuit and relevant Circuit Policies will be released in the coming weeks after the Circuit Cup Championship. All text has been crafted for the purposes of promoting the upcoming changes and do not reflect the final language to be used. On an annual basis, these rules and policy guidelines are reviewed for potential improvements.

Structure of The Circuit 

    • May either be legacy or transfer-eligible
  • Legacy Franchises:
    • May include any number of players currently eligible for the underlying Established Team.
    • May not accept transfers, and may only add players new to the Circuit.
  • Transfer-Eligible Franchises: 
    • May include no more than 20 total players (non-playing coaches do not count toward the 20 players).  For a coed Franchise, this 20 may include no more than 13 males and no more than 7 females.
    • Once the maximum roster is reached, no additional players may be added via free agency or transfer, unless an existing player on the Franchise is released to become a restricted free agent.
  •  At the start of the 2020 season (and at the start of all future seasons), all existing Established Teams may choose to be Legacy or Transfer-Eligible Franchises.


  • Borrowed Players
    • In the event that a Franchise has an emergency need for players, a coed Franchise may use "borrowed player(s)" to bring up to a total of 11 rostered players in a given tournament. A women’s Franchise may use “borrowed player(s)” to bring up to a total of 10 rostered players in a given tournament.
    • A "borrowed player" is someone who plays for a different Franchise (or who is not tied to a Franchise), but lends him/herself to this Franchise for one tournament only. He/she may not play for the same Franchise as a borrowed player more than once in a Circuit season.
    •  He/she may not be a borrowed player for another Franchise when his/her Franchise is in attendance at the same tournament.
    • Each Franchise may use a total of 4 borrowed players per Circuit season, and borrowed players are not allowed under any circumstances at CCC.
    •  No more than 2 borrowed players may be used by a Franchise in a single tournament. 


    • Franchises may freely recruit ANY player who has never been a part of a Franchise.  These are 'Unaffiliated Players'.
      • The player will count against roster limitations, unless the player has played in only 2 or fewer Circuit Events of the relevant type (Coed or Women's).
      • When a Legacy Franchise brings in a new player, the captain of that team will receive a $30 credit for each event he/she plays in with that Legacy Franchise for up to six (6) events.
    • If the “new” player is recruited to compete with a Franchise, they will NOT require a roster spot for a total of six (6) Circuit Events.
    • If a new player elects to transfer to a different Franchise prior to competing in six events, he/she will count toward that new Franchise’s total roster.
    • The new player exception rule retroactively applies to any player who joined their first Franchise any time since January 1, 2018. As long as he/she has not transferred to a different Franchise since, he/she also remains a “new player” outside of the 20 person roster until he/she has competed in six (6) events with his/her Franchise. All Circuit Events that player has competed in with that Franchise starting January 1, 2018 count toward the total six (6) events. 


    • For 2019, if a Circuit Team decides to naturally dissolve or disband , all players tied to that disbanded Circuit Team will keep the Official Team Ranking number in perpetuity that their Circuit Team received after the last attended Event by the Team. This is regardless if the player did not attend that particular Circuit Event.
    • This approach will be used for determining whether a player is an upward or downward transfer


    • New teams may be formed with:
      • Up to 4 players from a given Franchise
      •  Up to 8 total Franchise Players (for coed, no more than 6 of these 8 may be male players)
      • Any number of brand new Franchise Players
      • Any number of Franchise Players* who have not competed in a circuit event in 24+ months
    • *Players are considered Franchise Players if they have played on any Franchise in 2018 and/or 2019.


  • Restricted Free Agency:
    A player tied to, but not an active member of a Franchise is a Restricted Free Agent.  Said player maintains the effective ranking of his/her last franchise at the time the player became a free agent.  The player may transfer, but said transfer must follow the upward/downward restrictions outlined in the transfer section.


  • Unrestricted Free Agency:
    If a player has not been a member of any existing Franchise for the past two Circuit seasons, they are granted unrestricted free agency.  They may join any team as a normal, non-upwards transfer. They will count as a transfer, and all normal maximum player and sex-specific maximum player roster restrictions will apply.


    • For 2020, registration is 
      • $60 up until 28 days prior to the event
      • $70 up to 14 days prior to the event
      • $95 up to 7 days prior to the event
      • $100 for special tournaments, including the #PuertoRicoKickballOpen2020 and the #SinCityKickballOpen2020
  • Circuit Championship Weekend Pool Selection
    Circuit Cup Championship will uses a modified Captain Bin Draw method where the top seeded teams in each pool select their draft position and all opponents in their pool. For 2020, all remaining teams will be seeded in one giant bin and may be drawn at any time. Remaining teams will no longer be assigned various bins.

    • Registration deadlines are as follows:
      • $70 from Jan-April
      • $85 from May - July
      • $110 from Aug. 1st - 30th 
      • $150 emergency late registration (only with email to 365) from Sept 1st - 15th 
  • Prize pool for CCC has been increased to a 1st place prize of $25,000 with 40+ teams

Availables Team Policy

  • Any team competing at a Circuit Event who does not meet these requirements will be treated as an “Availables” Team. 
  • An Availables Team is one-time tournament roster that does not exceed 13 players and whose cumulative “fantasy point” total does not exceed 15 points. Of those 15 points, no more than nine (9) points may be occupied by male players for a coed team. 
  • Fantasy Points breakdown as follows:
    •  .25 points for a final four appearance on an Availables team
    • .5 points for a finals appearance on an Availables team
    • 1 point for a championship on an Availables team
  • *Points are not combined within a single event. For example, if you win on an Availables team, you accrue one (1) point, not 1 + .5 + .25 = 1.75. 
  • Fantasy points are added for the most recent 20 qualifying circuit events.*
  • *CCC and other non-CCC qualifying events do not count toward Availables fantasy point totals. 
  • For details regarding fantasy points, check out the coed points here and the women’s points here.

Conduct Policy

  • No changes.

Rules Committee Policy

  • The Rules Committee is solely responsible for modifying, implementing and removing rules that impact the safety and efficiency of the game. All structure policies, including transfers, new teams and disbanded teams are no longer part of the responsibilities of the Rules Committee.

Points earned throughout the Circuit Season:

  • Franchises who attend three (3) or more Circuit Events earn an additional 250 Bonus Points for each tournament, beginning with their third, regardless of the Franchise's finish.


  • No changes.

Transfer Policy

    • Franchise Players may transfer a total of one (1) time per year so long as the new Franchise has not used all of their allotted team transfers for the calendar year.


  • Each Franchise may accept up to 4 transfers in 2020;


  • 1 transfer may be upward within 5 spots
  • “Retired” Players who have not been part of a Franchise for 24+ months count as a transfer but are not tied to a ranking



  • Effective for 2020, in an effort to track and show transparency for all transfers, Kickball365 will REQUIRE Team Captains to submit an official transfer, via a Google Form, here.


Weather Policy

  • No changes.

Questions? Please email us at [email protected]

The following changes have been discussed, approved, and/or amended by the Kickball365 and the Rules Committee. The Official Rule Book of The Circuit with specific updated language will be released in the coming weeks after the Circuit Cup Championship. All text has been crafted for the purposes of promoting the upcoming changes and does not reflect the final language to be used. All items are subject to modification to correct unforeseen errors, loopholes, etc. Furthermore, minor edits will be made throughout the rule book for efficiency purposes:


Rules Changes

  • On defensive plays at first base, all runners are required to go to the outside bag, regardless of the intent to run towards 2nd base.
    • Failure to do so would result in an out and a yellow card to the runner.
    • If there is no potential play at first base, such as a clear outfield hit, runners are free to use the inside base and fielders must avoid obstruction.


  • "ANYONE IN KICKING LINEUP" was removed in 8.5.1: Kicking Lineup, that allows "Anyone in the kicking lineup" to replace a player injured during an at-kick.
    • Leaves "Someone on the Bench" the only option if you have a bench player, and “Skip the Kicker” the only option if you don’t.


  • We are revising the Running Lane rules as follows:
    • On plays at first base, the RUNNER must still reach the running lane at the designated spot.  If the runner is not in the correct lane and interferes in any way with the FIELDER’s attempt to field the ball in fair territory, it will be an automatic yellow card.
    • There is no longer a specific requirement to avoid the running lane by the FIELDER.
    • However, the Obstruction rules have been altered to include non-contact and required course deviation.  If the runner is in their dutiful lane, and the fielder causes him/her to evade a collision, this will be ruled Obstruction.
    • Efforts by a runner to “induce” an Obstruction call will result in sportsmanship cards.