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CIRCUITPASS2019 (5-Pack) 

Price: $255.00
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CIRCUITPASS2020 (7-Pack) 

Price: $330.00
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CIRCUITPASS2019 (9-Pack) 

Price: $400.00
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$60 Savings off Registration

Save 20%

$50 per Event + One-time
Processing Fee (included)

$110 Savings off Registration

Save 25%

$45 per Event + One-time
Processing Fee (included)

$170 Savings off Registration

Save 30%

$42.50 per Event + One-time
Processing Fee (included

All purchases are final and non-refundable

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase a Circuit Pass as a gift for someone else? 

Yes, you can purchase a Circuit Pass for a friend! Just forward your confirmation to [email protected] with those gift details. We will email YOU the Circuit Pass code so you can present the gift in any manner you wish. 

Why am I unable to purchase a specific pass? 

Each pass purchased in 2020 are available in limited quantities up to the Circuit Cup Championship Weekend.

What events can I use this Circuit Pass?

Any Co-ed or Women's Circuit Event on the Circuit Event schedule EXCEPT for the Circuit Championship Weekend.

How do I register for Circuit Events with my Circuit Pass?

Once your Circuit Pass has been purchased, Kickball365 will email you a specific discount code to apply during Circuit Event registration. Please allow up to one (1) week to receive your code at the close of the Circuit Pass registration period. 

I forgot to use the Circuit Pass when registering for an event. Can you apply my Circuit Pass to the registration?

All Circuit Passes must be applied at the time of registration by the player. We are unable to apply a Circuit Pass to your registration after the fact. If you registered but didn't pay, the system will automatically remove you after 24 hours so you can try again at that time with you Circuit Pass code. 

How far in advance do I need to register for a Circuit Event using my Circuit Pass?
You may use the Circuit Pass to register at any point registration is open. If the price at the time of registration is higher, you simply pay the difference to complete your registration. 

Can I use a Circuit Pass to register as a Non-Playing Coach?
Technically yes, however we do not recommend this as the amount of each Circuit Pass is greater than the cost of registering as a Non-Playing Coach. 

Can I register for Leagues or Non-Circuit Events using my Circuit Pass?
Your Circuit Pass can only be used to register for Circuit Events excluding Circuit Championship Weekend.

I can no longer attend the Circuit Event registered for; can I move that registration to another Circuit Event?
Yes, you must email [email protected] BEFORE registration closes for that partricular Circuit Event. 

I have not used all of my Circuit Passes for this year. Can I use them next year?
Your Circuit Passes must be used during the year which they are purchased. Unused passes for any reason cannot be refunded, transferred, carried over to the next year, or used for Circuit Championship Weekend. 

Can I use my Circuit Pass to register a friend or teammate (ie. transfer any unused registrations to someone else)?
Your pass can be used only for your registrations only and is non-transferable.

Please email [email protected]