Michaela Blanchard CEO/Tournament EXPERIENCE


A ten plus year veteran of the sport, Michaela played in Kickball365 for multiple seasons before coaching her own teams in the coed and women's division. When the time came to usher the league into a new era, Michaela jumped at the chance to run this beloved company.

Charles Hatton IV          COO/Player Experience

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Charles is a true athlete and kickball aficionado above all else. His strategic lens as a coach and player, coupled with years of relationships in the league, has poised Charles well to carry forward league operations and enhance each player's experience with Kickball365.

Ashley Semler                       
Event Coordinator


A real stickler for the rules... and a good time. Ashley has made Kickball365 more than just a past time by becoming a member of the team, helping to oversee the rules and assuming responsibility of the Pro Ref program. Ashley's goal is to improve the overall experience for every player by creating and maintaining a well-trained and professional officiating staff to foster not only a fair and safe environment, but also a fun and memorable experience for all involved.

john wilkinson II (JPW)              game day ops manager


John is the last remaining O.G.s of Kickball365, having made his first appearance at the very first Kickball365 Open as a referee. Since then John rose through the ranks of referees and eventually became the Game Day Support Manager and Team Rankings keeper, as well as administrative support, as well as reffing an occasional tournament whenever he can. John has an Associates Degree in Theology and is currently working on his Engineering Degree and is a continual supporter of social sports in his local community. John has been married for almost 3 yrs and has 2 children with his wife Jennifer. He plans on continuing with the Kickball365 community in any aspect that he can for as long as he can.

Jesse Hughes
Head Ref


After officiating kickball, as well as, several other sports for a local sport and social club in Atlanta, Jesse was introduced to Kickball365 in 2016 as an official. Jesse decided to test the waters with Kickball365 and after an amazing experience, he quickly chose to take advantage of the opportunity as a traveling tournament referee with the company and has yet to look back.  Jesse has purposefully and passionately jumped, head first, into the Kickball365 brand and commits himself to consistently working to take an innovative and professional approach to any element of the sport which falls under his influence.

James Brown                         
Media Manager

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James is K365's streaming guru and just the go to guy for all questions that no one has the answer to. "Turtle", as he is affectionately refered to in the kickball community, is a swiss army knife of game day knowledge...and has been known to save a life or limb from time to time.

Levi Barnard                               
Director of Brand Integrity

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Levi, with 15 years in kickball and over a decade in team branding, skillfully merges play and precision. From kickball fields to boardrooms, Levi excels in strategic management and team dynamics. This unique blend allows Levi to transform kickball's spirit into cohesive team brands. As a seasoned leader, Levi is dedicated to upholding brand integrity, seamlessly combining the game's joy with a thoughtfully crafted visual identity.