Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Kickball365?

Kickball365, founded in 2010, is a social sports company that specializes in organizing and hosting social, charity, and competitive kickball tournaments and leagues throughout the U.S. Our most well-known product of tournament offerings is called The Circuit.

What is The Circuit?

The Circuit is the competitive kickball tournament division of Kickball365 featuring unique tournament destinations each and every year. Detailed information can be found in our Structure of The Circuit document.

How do I register myself for The Circuit?

There is no formal registration to be part of The Circuit. You simply become part of The Circuit by registering and playing in at least ONE (1) Circuit Event.

What is a Major Event?

There are four (4) Majors on The Circuit, each chosen for its historical kickball importance and its ability to provide unique travel and competition. Most Majors feature a consistent tournament weekend schedule, which typically includes a co-ed tournament on Saturday and a women’s tournament on Sunday. Some Event schedules may vary.

***Established teams qualify for CCC by playing in at least one Major.***
A full list of events can be found here.

What is an open event?

An Open is a cash prize only event. An Open does not count as a qualifying event for CCC. Teams do not earn Points during an Open, and teams are free to form however they choose, with the only roster restriction being sixteen (16) rostered players, excluding Rookie players.

Who can compete in a Circuit Event?

Any player over the age of 21 with proper health insurance who has formally registered online.

What is the format for a Circuit Event?

A Circuit Event is an all-day kickball tournament that starts with pool play and ends with single elimination until an overall winner is determined. Each team is guaranteed a minimum of FOUR (4) games, typically played in pool play.

What can I expect throughout the weekend at a Circuit Event?

Each Circuit Event is meant to be a fun vacation experience full of social activities built in and around a kickball tournament. Players can expect a Thursday bar crawl in some cities, a Friday evening meet and greet, a Saturday night after party, and Sunday Funday activities or wrap up party.

What is the National Tour?

The National Tour is our name for the series of Circuit Events in a given calendar year, excluding Circuit Cup Championship in January.


The Circuit Championship Weekend is the weekend of events when Kickball365 crowns its National Champions for the Co-Ed and Women’s Divisions. This event is held in the Fall.

What if I played on multiple teams during the year?

A player qualifies with the established team that he or she most recently played a Major event with.

Refunds? Since I can no longer attend an event due to injury, life event, etc. Can I receive a refund?

Kickball365 does not issue monetary refunds. As long as you submit a request to [email protected] before the late/emergency registration deadline (at 1159pm EST/859pm PST), you will be issued a site credit that may be used at any future regular Circuit event. No credits will be granted after the final late/emergency registration deadline.

Why does registration say “Coming Soon” for certain events?

Registration will be open as soon as fields are 100% confirmed. Any event without confirmed fields will show “coming soon” and the date is subject to be changed, although we will do our very best to keep the advertised date.

Can you explain the various registration prices and deadlines for Circuit Events?

Early Bird: $60. All Circuit Events (excluding championships) have this early bird price if you register FOUR (4) or more weeks before the event date.

Regular: $70. This price lasts until the official registration deadline which is TWO (2) weeks before the event date. The deadline time is Saturday night at 1159pm EST.

Late: $95. This is meant for emergencies only. Teams no longer have to seek “approval” to add emergency players and can add anyone they choose after regular registration ends up to SEVEN (7) days before the event date. No registrations will be after the late/emergency deadline.

All posted deadlines end at 1159pm EST on the posted date. Please note the time difference if you are in a different time zone.

What is the processing fee?

This is pays for our LeagueApps registration system as well as all merchant processing fees associated with online payments such as credit and debit cards.

How do I send email invitations to players I want to invite to my team?

There is no option to send email invites. As a captain, you will have to direct your players to the registration page, have your players log in, and manually select your team from the drop down menu in order to complete registration.

Can I prepay for an entire team or other players?

All players must register and pay for their own registrations. We no longer permit captains to prepay for any portion of their team.

Can I transfer my registration to another player who hasn’t signed up yet?

All players registrations are separate and independent. Each player must register on their own and will be subject to the price at the time of that registration.

What is Circuit Championship Weekend?

Circuit Championship Weekend is our National Championship for coed and women’s divisions of The Circuit. This is also commonly called Circuit Cup or #CCC

Who can attend Circuit Championship Weekend?

Any team who has competed in ONE (1) or more Major Events during the Circuit season can participate in Circuit Championship Weekend. Individuals must qualify with their team by participating in ONE (1) Major event with them in order to participate at Circuit Championship Weekend.

Can I transfer to a team for Circuit Championship Weekend?

All players must play with their Circuit Championship Weekend team at least ONE (1) time during the calendar year. Players are not permitted to use their lone transfer to go to a new team for Circuit Championship Weekend. Please see the official transfer document here.

What is an Established Team?

Established teams can be made up of up to twenty (20) players under the regional guidelines. You can see options for Established team make up starting in 2022 here. Any team that does not meet this classification will be considered an Availables Team.

What is an Availables Team?

This is our term for “free agent” team at any given Circuit Event for teams that are meant to be together only one time. An Availables Team is any team competing at a Circuit Event that does not qualify as an Established Team.
An Availables Team may not have more than 13 players on its roster.*
An Availables Team may not have more than four (4) players from a single Established Team.
An Availables Team may add any number of Rookies to its roster for a Circuit Event.

How many players are allowed on a team at a Circuit Event?

Minimum: each team is required to field at least EIGHT (8) players in the field and kicking lineup with at least FOUR (4) must be female.

Maximum: Established teams have a maximum number of twenty (20) with five (5) or fewer OOR players; or a maximum number of eighteen (18) with six (6) OOR players; or a maximum number of sixteen (16) with seven (7) OOR players.

What is a borrowed player?

For details on player classification, click here.

A Borrowed Player does not qualify for CCC with the Established Team with whom he/she plays at an event.
One Established Team may not borrow players from another Established Team attending the same event.
Each Borrowed Player must register for an event as a borrowed player.

In Co-ed:
If an Established Team has 12 or fewer players at a Major, that team may add any one (1) player for that event.

If an Established Team has at least 13 players at a Major, that team may add 2 players for that event, but at least one (1) of those two (2) must be female.

In Women's:
If an Established Team has 11 or fewer players attending a Majors, that team may add any one (1) player for that event.

Are there any restrictions to a kicking lineup?

Yes. All kicking lineups must have at least FOUR (4) females.

Are there any jersey or number requirements?

No. Any teams who compete at a Circuit Event may wear any jersey, shirt, or color scheme you like. Names and numbers are not required for individual players. Kickball365 reserves the right to alter, or require a team to alter, a team name, player nickname, team logo, jersey graphic, or uniform and/or suggest alternatives at or in conjunction with a Kickball365 Circuit League or Event should Kickball365 personnel determine that the existing name, logo, graphic, or uniform might hinder the mission of the organization or the goals of a specific Kickball365 League or event. Alterations must meet with the approval of Kickball365 personnel.

How are teams ranked at a Circuit Event?

Teams are ranked using a blend of ELO, FIFA, and RPI ranking systems. There are currently no rankings.

How are Availables Teams ranked at a Circuit Event?

Their team rank will be based on the average ELO, FIFA, and RPI of each player that is on the team.

There are X number of teams in my pool. Who does my team play?

These are the most common pool play scenarios. This can vary based on strength of scheduling and overall tournament format.

3 Team Pools: you will play the other TWO (2) teams in your pool plus TWO (2) crossover opponents from other pools.

4 Team Pools: you will play the other THREE (3) teams in your pool plus ONE (1) crossover opponent.

5 Team Pools: you will play the other FOUR (4) teams in your pool.

6 Team Pools: You will play FOUR (4) other teams in your pool. The 1 and 6 seeds will not play each other, 2 and 5 seeds will not play each other, and the 3 and 4 seeds will not play each other.

Why do certain Events have THREE (3) pool play games with every team moving on to single eliminations?

This format fits certain types of events better than others. We guarantee a minimum of FOUR (4) games for each team at every event and do our best to schedule those as pool play games. Sometimes we must get creative and use other ways to guarantee FOUR (4) games though.

What happens to a tournament during inclement weather?

We make every effort to play through weather in most cases except when lightning is present. Please see our full weather policy.


The Circuit, which includes all of the National Tour of Circuit Events and the Circuit Championship Weekend utilizes the “Official Rule Book of Kickball365”. The Official Rule Book of The Circuit is a set of rules set forth by Kickball365, the governing the playing of kickball games by professional teams of The Circuit and Circuit Leagues that are affiliated with Kickball365. The rules specify the equipment used, the layout of the kickball field, the details of game play, and the expected behavior of the players, non-playing coaches, etc.


The Official Kickball of Kickball365 is a custom kickball manufactured by Baden Sports. The custom model used is a Baden Sports KB-10 with a unique numerical suffix. This is the only kickball that is allowed on the National Tour. Generic Baden sports KB-10 models will only be used on the National Tour in exigent circumstances.

When does The Circuit make changes to rules, policies, or its guidelines?

Changes to the Structure of The Circuit may occur from time to time. When any change is made, we will post revisions on our social media channels and update this document. In some cases, we may notify you of changes via an email through our newsletter. However, it is the player’s responsibility to review the policies, Structure of The Circuit and Circuit Policies to remain aware of any changes.

As a Captain or Coach of a team, do I need to register and pay to participate?

Yes, if you intend to play in any of the games you must register and pay the registration fee the same way a player does. If you are a Captain or Coach who does not play at all you may register for $40 OFF the code NONPLAYINGCOACH365.

How many Non-Playing Coaches can sign up for a team?

A maximum of TWO (2) per team per event.

I am a Non-Playing Coach and forgot to register for my team. Can I still coach?

All Non-Playing Coaches are held to the same standard as players and this includes adhering to all registration deadlines. If you fail to register by the posted player deadlines you will not be allowed to participate as a coach.

Who is considered a rookie?

Players who are considered “Rookies” are those who have played in two (2) or fewer Circuit Events.

Note, Co-Ed and Women’s Division Circuit Events are counted separately. A player could have played in a previous Co-Ed Division Circuit Event but be brand new for a Women’s Division Circuit Event.

How do I sign up as a Referee?

You may register as a referee on the specific tournament registration page. Simply use the “Referee” option and you’re all set. We will email you additional details the week before the event.

How do I become a PRO Referee?

Please see the full list of requirements and how to apply here.

What are the benefits of being a PRO Referee?

There are THREE (3) primary benefits of being a PRO Referee: lodging assistance, option to work more games than other referees, year end bonus for working Circuit Championship Weekend

What is a National Tour Pass?

This is an option for players to purchase bulk Circuit Event registrations in advance at a discount. Passes are good ONLY for the year they are purchased for any Circuit Event EXCEPT Circuit Championship Weekend. Unused passes cannot be transferred, refunded, or carried over to the following year under any circumstances.

How do I purchase a NationalTourPass?

These passes are only available from November through the end of each year and can be found here.

How do I register for a Circuit Event using my National Tour Pass?

Each pass is a unique discount code that will emailed to you after purchasing it. Please enter this code on the registration screen for any tournament you are attending. If you accidentally bypass the screen with the discount code, it may not let you go back and enter it. You will automatically be removed after 24 hours if you do not pay for the registration so you can try again at that time. If you get stuck, please email [email protected] and we can assist you.

I forgot to use my Tour Pass when registering. Can you apply my Tour Pass to the registration?

All Tour Passes must be applied at the time of registration. We are unable to apply passes to your registration after the fact.

Can I use my National Tour Pass for Circuit Championship Weekend?

No. The pass is only good for all regular Circuit events on the National Tour EXCEPT Circuit Championship Weekend.

Can I transfer or allow my friend to use my NationalTourPass?

No. Each pass is for the individual assigned to the unique code. Any improper uses will be caught during roster audits and any players who used someone else’s code will need to pay the registration fee in order to participate. Repeat offenders will risk forfeiting the pass in question.

How do I live stream kickball games at a Circuit Event?

We utilize the Periscope app. Here are the steps in order to contribute to this live streaming community.

  1. Equipment: unlimited data plan, portable USB battery pack, wide angle clip-on lens, tripod, phone mount for the tripod
  2. Periscope account (it’s FREE)
  3. Twitter account (also FREE). You can create a generic account or link to any existing account. Either way, make sure this is linked to the Periscope account in the Periscope app. This is important.
  4. When you’re ready to live stream in Periscope, put “@kickball365” (without the quotes) anywhere in the title. It’s that simple.

How do I watch live streamed kickball games?

The easiest way to see what games you can watch is to check our public Twitter Feed (you do not need a Twitter account to do this). Live games on Periscope are automatically retweeted and displayed there to give you multiple options. The links to these videos will automatically play on your computer browser or will try and open inside the Periscope app on your phone.


Players are allowed to have ONE (1) registration account for use on The Circuit Official Registration System (http://

For any login issues, players may:

  • Use the "Forgot Your Password" feature on the LeagueApps registration page to reset the account (You can doso by going to;
  • Please e-mail [email protected] to notify us of the error and for any continued login issues;
  • Failure to comply may result in the Player receiving sanctions, including up to a Red Card impacting their playin an upcoming Circuit Event for registering with secondary profiles to circumvent roster audits.


At the end of the Circuit Cup Championships, the Co-Ed & Women’s Division Team’s winners will be awarded the Circuit Cup Championship Trophy. This trophy is a traveling trophy and must be returned at the end of the year for the next winners. We encourage all winners to pass the trophy around to each player and share a moment with it to [email protected]. Value of $500 may be held from winnings as deposit until the trophy is returned.


Kickball365 will award National Tour plaques and in-kind prizes (subject to sponsor availability) to the 1st place teams with the most total Circuit Points at the end of the National Tour. All prizes are subject to applicable taxes and withholding and prize winners’ compliance with and agreement to this. At this time only registered Circuit Championship Weekend Players are eligible to vote on the National Tour Awards.

Furthermore, the MVP Awards will be calculated using the player popular vote and a Selection Committee as determined by Kickball365 at a later date.