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Focused to recognize kickball as a professional sport in America.

Kickball365 produces The Circuit, a national, professional tour of top-flight, competitive co-ed and women’s division adult kickball. We offer competitive tournaments that are one-of-a-kind vacation experiences where teams compete to win prizes.

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What is Kickball365?

Kickball365 was founded in 2010 by Matthew Kemph as a social sports company that specialized in organizing and hosting competitive kickball tournaments and leagues throughout the America. Our most well-known product of tournament offerings is called The Circuit.

What is The Circuit?

The Circuit is a series of Majors and Open Events. The 2021 season will run from mid-2021 through early 2022, ending with the Circuit Cup Championship (CCC) in January 2022. Detailed information can be found in our Structure of The Circuit document.

What is a major?

There are four (4) Majors on The Circuit, each chosen for its historical kickball importance and its ability to provide unique travel and competition. Most Majors feature a consistent tournament weekend schedule, which typically includes a co-ed tournament on Saturday and a women’s tournament on Sunday. Some Event schedules may vary.

***Established teams qualify for CCC by playing in at least one Major.***

What is an open?

An Open is a cash prize only event. An Open does not count as a qualifying event for CCC. Teams do not earn Points during an Open, and teams are free to form however they choose, with the only roster restriction being sixteen (16) rostered players, excluding Rookie players.

Who can compete in a Circuit Event?

Any player over the age of 21 with proper health insurance who has formally registered online.

Who is a rookie?

A Rookie is any player who has competed in fewer than two (2) Circuit events in the division. Any number of rookies (players who) may be added to an Open roster. A division is considered either Co-ed or Women's. As an example, playing in three women's events but zero co-ed events would make that player a rookie in the co-ed division, but not in the women's division.

What can I expect throughout the weekend at a Circuit Event?

A Circuit Event is an all-day kickball tournament that starts with pool play and ends with single elimination until an overall winner is determined. Each team is guaranteed a minimum of FOUR (4) games, typically played in pool play.

What if I have other questions?

We invite you to read our Frequently Asked Questions page which can be found here.

Or, email us at [email protected]