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Focused to recognize kickball as a professional sport in America.

We produce The Circuit, the only national, professional tour of top-flight, competitive kickball tournaments. The Circuit is where kickballers go to compete. We offer competitive tournaments that are one-of-a-kind vacation experiences where teams compete to win prizes. The Circuit, the nation’s only national professional championship series of co-ed and women’s division adult kickball tournaments are held across the country.

Co-Ed Tournaments

Women’s Tournaments

What is Kickball365?

Kickball365, founded in 2010, is a social sports company that specializes in organizing and hosting social, charity, and competitive kickball tournaments and leagues throughout the U.S. Our most well-known product of tournament offerings is called The Circuit.

What is The Circuit?

The Circuit is the competitive kickball tournament division of Kickball365 featuring up to 15 unique tournament destinations each and every year. Detailed information can be found in our Structure of The Circuit document.

How do I register for The Circuit?

There is no formal registration to be part of The Circuit. You simply become part of The Circuit by registering and playing in at least ONE (1) Circuit Event.

What is a Circuit Event?

A Circuit Event is a coed or women’s kickball tournament hosted by Kickball365. A full list of events can be found here.

Who can compete in a Circuit Event?

Any player over the age of 21 with proper health insurance who has formally registered online.

What is the format for a Circuit Event?

A Circuit Event is an all-day kickball tournament that starts with pool play and ends with single elimination until an overall winner is determined. Each team is guaranteed a minimum of FOUR (4) games, typically played in pool play.

What can I expect throughout the weekend at a Circuit Event?

Each Circuit Event is meant to be a fun vacation experience full of social activities built in and around a kickball tournament. Players can expect a Thursday bar crawl in some cities, a Friday evening meet and greet, a Saturday night after party, and Sunday Funday activities or wrap up party.

What if I have other questions?

We invite you to read our Frequently Asked Questions page which can be found here.

Or, email us at [email protected]