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Sign up today for FOUNDERS CUP COED and WOMEN’S on the Wakapalooza website for Vegas! When you register, buy your bands for access to all the Wakapalooza parties. FOUNDERS CUP is a CCC qualifier for Established teams. Regional rules will be in effect.

Free agents, New and Availables teams are also welcome and encouraged to play on this competitive side of the field. Available teams can be 15 Individuals, but may exceed that limit with unlimited rookies (two or less Circuit Tournaments). With this being the first tournament of the 23/24 season, rosters are not set until the Established team has registered and played.

FYI… Players CAN sign up for both Founders Cup AND Open tournaments. This way you can make a run for the big prize and still play with your friends if you have an earlier exit than planned.

Founders is K365 rules, but played with the WAKA ball.


K365 West Palm Beach


Sign up today for K365 WEST PALM BEACH! Follow the Facebook event page, and get your captains to register today. Book those flights ASAP for a sunny December vacation with your kickball friends! More to come… 

Looking for a team FREE AGENTS sign up right here to be reached out to by a captain or to form a whole new team!


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